Single Tri-Truss Canti

Single Tri-Truss Canti

Model No.︰ST-5550

Brand Name︰SIECO

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰25 pc

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Product Description

Cantilevered (canti) structure used for shading vehicles, carport 
Size: 5.5m x 5m
Tarpaulin Fabrics Characteristics.

All tarpaulin fabrics are made from import materials, such as CIBA, SCG.

a) Made of environmental friendly DuPont Sontara material

b) Unique tension structure and microspore design

c) After heat-setting process, not easy to shrink or deform

d) Effectively block 98% UV rays

e) High strength and permeability, can create a cool, comfortable and breathable environment through the free flow of air

f) Anti-UV, anti-aging, anti-mold decay, and easy to clean

g) In summer, temperature inside can drop 10-17, it can stop your car feeling like in the steam room

h) Prevent car’s paint from aging and fading when exposing to the sun

i) Can endure temperature from 48 to 82

Framework Descriptions:

In order to ensure frameworks can stand in all weathers, we have developed dozens of special surface treatment procedures. Through several special coating devices and external deep hot galvanized, our frameworks have excellent anti-corrosion, moisture protection and high temperature resistance, and also have long-term self-cleaning capacity of the surface. Regardless of harsh environment, the frameworks will not rust, fade, chalking or aging off. We guarantee the frameworks ten years maintenance-free, fifty years without rusting. They completely eliminate the hassle of daily maintenance. Perfect combination of fabrics and frames make our sunshade products not only beautiful, seamless, but also can bring you more sunshades. Besides, our carport frames are assembled and removable, it’s very easy for transportation and installation.

Payment Terms︰ TT / LC / DP / DA

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